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Did you know that Team Rocket AZ is currently working on its very own web comic?! It’s called Rocket Propelled! If this post gets 100 notes, we’ll share a draft of a strip for your reading pleasure!

I’m actually going to be part of this project! Please support TRAZ and help us get this webcomic off the ground!

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I want to draw Super Paper Mario fan art and I haven’t even played the game in years whats going on

Gamagori is going to take forever, so when I color this I’ll have him posted with it.

Here are some of the characters from Kill la Kill drawn as is from a fantasy RPG game!

I wanted to try a new exercise I thought up for themed outfit designs: Take an already existing character and give them an entirely new outfit based on something unrelated to them, but heres the catch: You can’t sketch out the new outfit design. Just go right into lineart and stick with whatever you draw right then.

Would you guys like to see more of this concept?

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This state was not meant for this much rain at one time, guys. ._.

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Have you ever tried drawing Lysandre from pokemon before I think that would be wicked to see you try.

There you go! I actually am a big fan of Lysandre’s design in general, and am a proud Team Flare cosplayer!

This is really sketchy and sloppy because I wanted to be the first one to do this, sorry. ^^;

So I watched the Kill la Kill OVA today and I thought the clones of the E4 and Satsuki were AWESOME and Iori should totally get one too because the designs are so cool. I might try to clean this up later, though…

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ITS REALLY YOU, SEBASTIAN?! The Sebastian who danced with me on our Soul Eater panel? THAT Sebastian?!

Get over here and dance with me you beautiful demon bastard and I will make you more symmetrical than you ever thought possible.

That’s it were friends you have no choice in the matter it’s been decided I’m sending you my skype and phone number and we’re gonna be bros

Pictures of my Death the Kid cosplay at Saboten Con 2014.

If you have any other pictures of me, I would greatly appreciate seeing them!

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My first animated gif! :D

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Adaline- Sylveon

After an arranged marriage ruins the lustful freedom of a man Adaline’s parents paired her with, he attempts to send an assassin after her with full certainty that he’ll get that freedom back. However, she barely survives and recovers from the attack with few injuries. She turns the tables on her former husband after finding out that he wanted her dead, and carries out his violent death herself, then takes up the job of a bounty hunter shortly after. She loves her job almost as much as she loves her misleading choice of dress she designed herself.

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If you like to name your characters after legendary people from actual history ironically based on the characters personality or actions clap your hands-


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remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 


This is purely for reference I swear

I wasn’t happy with how I was drawing male torsos before, so I decided to get a little practice in. Plus, I always forget the actual builds of my characters when I have to draw more than one at a time.

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Well that was sooner than expected

Alright, time to educate while conveniently providing a bit of history on myself!

Okay so for those of you who don’t know, before I wanted to become a character designer I wanted to become a professional dancer and dance instructor. I took classes for just over 10 years for several styles of dance, and got to do a whole bunch of really cool things and travel around a lot, it was cool.

But as for the sock thing, a lot of the other girls at the studio would wear out their shoes and then have to use socks so they could still turn and not completely destroy their feet, but they would roll them down so they had their heels bare and could still control their movements, and, you know, not fall on their faces.It was so popular to do that, that they made these things called foot undies (I’m not kidding, that was their actual brand name) that did the same thing but were made like mini shoes.

This is what they looked like, briefs for your feet. And they were the best. Thing. Ever.

So basically, I still have the habit of rolling down my socks half way even though I haven’t had a dance class in 5 years. You should try it sometime, its like sliding around on tile while still being able to catch yourself if you slip!

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Look, it me.

Bonus points for the person who guesses why I wear my socks half way on my feet which seems to bother everyone I don’t explain it to

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