My commissions are still open, everyone. At the moment I’m trying to get enough money together to make it possible to attend a convention for my birthday, but more importantly, pay a $120 debt I owe to my brother. 

I’ve discounted everything on the list since Christmas to try to make my prices more affordable for everyone. 

Even if you’re not interested in buying art for WHATEVER REASON, please reblog and get the word out so that those who want to can see it. I have a goal to get at least $30 by March 12th, (Yes, this Wednesday.) And even after that I will still be accepting more until posted otherwise. Right now the limited reservation spots are at 10, and I will only be working on sketch, lineart, base color, and base shading until the 30th.

If you are interested in discussing pricing, please contact me via Facebook, Deviantart, or my email,